When I first started this project, I had no real plan of what I was trying to accomplish, just a feeling that I had to get 'out there' to capture this unprecedented time in our lives.  A 100-year pandemic!


How were people being affected during COVID-19? The older generation being distanced from their families, the kids not being able to leave home, the parents having to not only home school their kids, but stay home with them 24/7.

I grabbed my camera and started driving around the northern part of the state looking for people to photograph.  I found people who hadn't gotten a haircut in a long time.  I found people working on their truck,  walking their dogs, and moms and dads outside playing with their kids.  They all graciously agreed to let me take their photograph.


As soon as I started posting the photos to my personal Facebook page, I knew this project had merit.  The positive response I received made me realize I wanted to take this all a step further.