I dedicate this book to Warren Miller, a great friend and community member we lost way too soon.  He was the fabric of our community.

One Thousand Miles, One Thousand Smiles is the culmination of a story I heard on the radio, my lifelong passion for recording images of people and pets, my love for Vermont, and my need to do something to help others during this incredibly challenging time.  The story I heard was about a photographer who was photographing families and individuals from a social distance while we were all asked to stay home.  I took that idea and expanded it: Why not document this once-in-a-century event through images of my fellow Vermonters and raise some money for those in need?

Countless hours on the road, hundreds of hours on the computer, editing over 50,000 images, and thousands of dollars to charities later, I am proud of this little piece of history that I have created with the support of our community.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to meet so many wonderful people on my journey.  What I've learned from the travels and conversations was inspiring.

One Thousand Miles, One Thousand Smiles is the first published collection that documents this slice of time in Vermont.